LOKI version that works for Uthgard

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Salidor MacCulloch: ^^ Aug 23, 2015 8:33:27 GMT -8
nefarin: Everyone else got kicked from server and cant connect anymore? Aug 22, 2015 13:54:00 GMT -8
durja: hello everyone, I hope you are having a good time :) see you ingame! Aug 22, 2015 9:38:01 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: Hiya maddak good seeing ya ^^ Aug 21, 2015 17:11:34 GMT -8
maddak: I'm going to try out Hib on Genesis, too. I just couldn't get into Alb :( Going to get the wife and kid playing, too :) Aug 20, 2015 19:48:50 GMT -8
swaglawrence: I totally agree ;D Aug 19, 2015 21:24:50 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: RAs hibs are very OPed on this server O.o aye granted its hard to find a 8 man group that knows how to play lol normaly i can find maybe 4/8 that play well.... but with all that said ^^ i do have a Hero on hib that if nothing is going on in alb and you Aug 17, 2015 7:35:22 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: need another just give me a PM :+) Aug 17, 2015 7:35:16 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: understandable :+) i was so agenst playing alb it left a nasty taste in my mouth ^^ we where testing alb on Maddaks server when a GM from Genesis asked me to join alb, learned he was a uthgard MK member ^^ but i did learn that during this patch lv for Old Aug 17, 2015 7:33:07 GMT -8
jason: and i aint playin alb :-p Aug 16, 2015 19:38:25 GMT -8
jason: if the computer gets here wednesday, I might be in game then. Im ready. screw working so much :-p Aug 16, 2015 19:36:37 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: Hiya jason ^^ we got 4-5 people on Genesis alb atm :+) we are spilt between 2 guilds atm MK and TLKs Aug 8, 2015 14:04:23 GMT -8
quill: come to Genesis Albion we got fresh cookies for you.... Aug 7, 2015 3:00:13 GMT -8
jason: Im ready to play BM again :( Aug 6, 2015 13:56:00 GMT -8
quill: Welcome back the game Ladiana!! Aug 3, 2015 15:05:55 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: Hiya tazok :+) good to hear from ya ! May 23, 2015 17:13:03 GMT -8
tazok: wanted to check up on Uthgard, see you guys are going strong:) saw that server was offline for a while. Have no real plans to go back, can't afford the time. However I donated 4 euro's to uthgard for the heck of it;P maybe it will buy someone a sandwich May 22, 2015 10:57:22 GMT -8
nixian: Still can't decide on hib / alb :p are any of you planning to start on alb on Uthgard? :) Apr 7, 2015 13:41:01 GMT -8
Salidor MacCulloch: for my Armsmen my Set costed me close to 100plat lol, with Uthgard it would take me over 200hrs to farm that lol /cry Apr 6, 2015 12:54:57 GMT -8
ararha: omg ,,, farm 3-4hour everyday then u have good armor to start go out rvr Apr 6, 2015 11:00:27 GMT -8